Career & University Readiness Programme (CURP)

CURP provides inclusive, participatory career guidance & assistance for young people in Uganda, both in schools & in the communities. We believe that our work will open pathways to success in school & a better life after school. Thousands of students have already benefited from northern Uganda. Planning to apply for university this year?

TESI Mentorship Programme (TMP)

Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on commitment to the mentoring process, common goals & expectations, focus, mutual trust and respect.
It allows young people to learn valuable knowledge from those who have experience & advantage of maturity.

Lango Education & Skills Dashboard

To improve education in Lango subregion, we need up to date data, clearly showing what’s good, what’s bad, and where we need to improve on. Having an interactive education & skills dashboard helps all stakeholders focus on what’s really important.